Following Revelation Of ‘Witchcraft’ Comment, O’Donnell Cancels Sunday Show Appearances

As ThinkProgress reported, last night on his HBO show, Bill Maher aired a clip from an Oct. 29, 1999 show of Politically Incorrect, in which Republican senate candidate Christine O’Donnell revealed that she “dabbled into witchcraft.” As O’Donnell’s comments begin to attract national attention, it appears the tea party candidate is trying to avoid media scrutiny. She was schedule to appear on CBS’ Face the Nation tomorrow, but host Bob Schieffer has tweeted that O’Donnell canceled:

Picture 2

O’Donnell isn’t even heeding her consigliere Sarah Palin’s advice, who urged her this week to “speak through Fox News.” O’Donnell was scheduled to appear on Fox News Sunday tomorrow, but has canceled that appearance as well.

Diane Banister, whose PR firm booked the Sunday show appearances, told the AP in an email that “O’Donnell canceled so that she could attend a Republican campaign event Sunday in Delaware’s Sussex County.”