Ron Johnson: ‘The Science Of Global Warming Is Unproven’

Millionaire executive Ron Johnson, Wisconsin’s Republican U.S. Senate candidate, continues to deny the existence of global warming. Freak floods caused by historic rainfall are ravaging the state, during the hottest year in recorded history, which has brought climate catastrophes to every corner of the globe. In an interview with the Associated Press, Johnson insisted that the “science of global warming is unproven”:

The science of global warming is unproven. It just is.

“I’m not even sure if, if it were a fact, whether we could do anything about it anyway,” he concluded.

Watch Ron Johnson blame “sunspots” for global warming in August:

Despite decades of rapid planetary warming, and the consensus of every major scientific academy in the world that greenhouse pollution threatens the future of human civilization, the voters of Wisconsin are poised to send Johnson as part of a tsunami of global warming deniers to the highest legislative body in the nation.