GOP Rep. Joe Barton Admits Republicans’ Agenda Is ‘A Little Bit Short On Specifics’

On his Fox Business show this week, host Neil Cavuto appeared worried that Republicans may be too confident about their chances of taking control of the House and/or Senate this November. “Allay me of that anxiety that Republicans are getting ahead of themselves,” Cavuto told climate change denier and former BP oil spill apologist Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX). While Barton agreed that the GOP may be measuring the drapes a bit prematurely, Cavuto wondered what the GOP would actually do if it won control of Congress. However, the Texas Republican admitted his party doesn’t have much to offer:

CAVUTO: I get a sense from Republicans collectively that they’re just already starting to dine on a feast three weeks early. And…when I get a sense from them about what they’re going to be doing day one without offering many specifics about the day one, besides getting back to 2008 spending levels, without addressing how you’re going to go back to those levels, I think they realize the better part of valor, is no specifics?

BARTON: Well, you know, we may be a little bit short on specifics.

Watch it:

Of course, Barton eventually offered up the standard GOP platitudes about repealing the new health care reform law. “Well, have you bounced that off John Boehner?” Cavuto asked, adding, “because he has not been very clear on this repeal effort.”