Rand Paul Wants To Abolish Department Of Education So Kids Don’t Have To Learn About ‘Two Mommies’

During yesterday’s Kentucky Senate debate, Rand Paul reiterated his support for abolishing the Department of Education, but then added that getting the federal government out of local schools would shield schoolchildren from learning about gay people:

PAUL: I would rather the local schools decide things. I don’t like the idea of somebody in Washington deciding that Susie has two mommies is an appropriate family situation and should be taught to my kindergardener at school. That’s what happens when we let things get to a federal level. I think I would rather have local school boards, teachers, parents, people in Paduka deciding about your schools and not have it in Washington.

Watch it:

The Wonk Room explains why Paul is wrong about the Department of Education’s role in establishing local curriculums and argues that Attorney General Jack Conway should have done more to repudiate the remarks.