Running For Congress On Opposition To ‘Failed’ Stimulus, Tim Walberg Acknowledges His Son Got A Stimulus Job

Former Rep. Tim Walberg (R-MI), who is running for Congress against incumbent Rep. Mark Schauer (D-MI), has campaigned by attacking the stimulus as a failure. Walberg has claimed the stimulus only killed jobs, and claimed that funds were spent on “socially conscious puppet shows” instead of infrastructure. As Political Correction noted, the puppet show claim is absolutely false. But Walberg has debunked his own claim that the stimulus failed to create jobs in a public forum he attended early in September. Speaking with community members, Walberg acknowledged that his son is employed by a contractor doing projects funded by the stimulus. Walberg’s son is among the 3 million people who gained jobs through the stimulus:

WALBERG: My son works for a cement-cutting contractor. They’re getting some overtime now. You know why? Because of the stimulus, doing government contracts. My son makes $10-an-hour, but when he works on a government contract, he makes $28-an-hour.

AUDIENCE MEMBER: It’s always been that way.

Watch it:

This week, the Center for Public Integrity released an explosive report detailing how dozens of lawmakers, including Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) and Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), privately requested hundreds of millions of dollars of stimulus money for their districts. The report added increased scrutiny to the stimulus hypocrisy first highlighted by ThinkProgress. While Walberg was not in Congress to request extra stimulus money, his family certainly benefited from a program his campaign pegs as a failure.