Kasich Ducks Out Of NPR Interview Because He Didn’t Want To Take Questions From Callers

NPR was set to launch its “mini-Political Junkie” segment today with Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland (D) and his Republican challenger — and Fox News favorite — John Kasich. However, NPR reported that Kasich backed out because he didn’t want to take caller questions:

With about 15 minutes before we went on the air, Kasich canceled; his campaign said they did not want to field questions, but from the beginning the Talk of the Nation staff made it clear that there would be questions from listeners.

“I’m stunned about the Kasich decision,” NPR host Ken Rudin said. “And again, as all of us feel, we’d rather have both candidates. Both candidates were scheduled. Both candidates agreed to this format until 10 minutes ago…John Kasich said, ‘No.’ So we will continue the story on the Ohio gubernatorial race.”

Perhaps Kasich doesn’t want to be confronted with the fact that he is a climate change denier, that he has no idea how much his budget-busting tax plan costs, or that his jobs plans won’t create jobs. Or maybe Kasich had a date on-air with Fox News’ Sean Hannity so he could raise money for his campaign. (HT: Ohio Daily)