After Endorsing Violent Revolution, GOP House Candidate Claims Ginsburg Wants To Exterminate African-Americans

Stephen Broden, a Texas GOP House candidate, has a long history of extremist statements. In a 2009 interview with Fox News, Broden claimed that the Obama Administration supports end-of-life counseling for seniors in order to “depopulate that particular group of people.” Broden also claimed that the present economic crisis was “contrived” by the Obama Administration and he compared the U.S. government to Nazi Germany.

As ThinkProgress noted, Broden asserted in a television interview last week that a violent overthrow of the government “is on the table.” Broden has since tried to distance himself from his statement on violent revolution, but that hasn’t stopped him from spouting absurd conspiracy theories painting his political opponents in a similar moral light to the Nazis.

In a recent interview with a local public radio station, for example, Broden claimed that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg wants to exterminate African-Americans.

She said we passed Roe v. Wade in order to control certain people group. The woman is a eugenicist and eugenicists believe that there are certain races that have privileges and are more evolved & developed than others. The African American community and our people, in the eyes of eugenicists, are not as evolved or intelligent as others.

Listen here:

Obviously, Justice Ginsburg does not want to eliminate African-Americans through mass abortions of black babies. This bizarre claim, which has been touted by right-wing extremists such as Glenn Beck, stems from a July New York Times interview where Ginsburg explained that when Roe was decided “some people” thought that Medicaid would be used to coerce women into having abortions because “there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of.” Far from endorsing the view that African-Americans should be encouraged to have abortions, Ginsburg expressly states that “the government has no business making that choice for a woman.”

And Broden’s toxic mix of slander and extremism is only slightly more extreme than much of his fellow GOP candidates.

In addition to Broden, the slate of candidates this year includes countless GOP lawmakers and candidates — including Republican budget chief Paul Ryan — who want to dismantle America’s social safety net or even declare it unconstitutional. Delaware GOP Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell is an anti-masturbation activist who “dabbled into witchcraft” and who wants to stop the “whole country from having sex.” Nevada GOP Senate candidate Sharron Angle shares Broden’s flirtation with armed revolution, infamously suggesting the use of “Second Amendment remedies.”