Breitbart: Boehner’s Full Of Himself For Crying After Election, ‘He Broke Up At The Concept Of Him[self]’

Appearing on comedian Dennis Miller’s radio show Wednesday, right-wing media tycoon Andrew Breitbart criticized House Republican Leader John Boehner for crying during his self-congratulatory post-election speech, saying Republicans’ electoral victory Tuesday wasn’t about Boehner, but was about the tea party movement, which is skeptical about the future-speaker’s commitment to fiscal responsibility. “This wasn’t about ‘I,’ he broke up at the concept of him[self],” Breitbart said, ironically commenting that he was glad that those comments “can’t get recorded” so Boehner “won’t hear me”:

MILLER: What’d you make of Boehner last night? That got a little weird, huh?

BREITBART: It was a little weird but thankfully this can’t get recorded and he won’t hear me, what I have to say about it. This wasn’t about ‘I,’ he broke up at the concept of him. Nobody voted him — he hasn’t even been elected by his own caucus to be the House speaker, that thing is still up in play. It was not like the fait accompli that Nancy Pelosi was.

I mean, he was behind TARP. The Tea Party created this environment out there, this Juggernaut, and the tea party and America are going to have to judge whether or not these people are sober and serious and will allow for America to move into a more fiscally responsible era. They did not do this in 1994.

MILLER: Yeah, he’s on the clock now, I would agree with you. I like John Boehner, he seems like a nice man and the initial quiver in the voice was quite touching. When he got seized up and couldn’t move on, I remember thinking like [Tom] Hanks and ‘there’s no crying in blood sport,’ and I wanted him to get on with it. But you’re right, that TARP thing was ill advised in the first place.

Listen here:

Indeed, while Boehner has taken on the mantle of extreme frugality — he told ABC’s Diane Sawyer last night that his first priority is to “stop the spending” — as Breitbart noted, Boehner backed the TARP bailout. Despite its success, the TARP has become universally reviled by tea party activists, but Boehner took to the House floor in 2008 to passionately — though not quite to the point of tears — urge his colleagues to support the Wall Street bailout. Boehner’s support for TARP, and his past support for other supposedly fiscally irresponsible measures, has led several tea party-backed candidates and lawmakers to say they may not support Boehner for speaker.