In 2007, Beck Praised IAVA But Now Demonizes The Vets Group As Part Of His Made-Up Soros Conspiracy

Fox News host Glenn Beck has spent the better part of the last two years advancing his paranoia-induced conspiracy theory that the allegedly “evil” liberal philanthropic financier George Soros is supposedly a “puppet master” controlling the media, Democrats, and the Obama White House to bring “violent revolution” to “our shores.” Beck continued with this meme Wednesday on his radio show, adding new villain into the mix: veterans’ advocate group The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA).

During the show, a caller, who described herself as an Iraq war veteran, said she marched in a Veteran’s Day parade in New York last week and that IAVA “treated us like royalty,” providing a wide array of food for the vets throughout the day. “Wow where did they get the money for all this,” the caller said, saying that she later discovered that MoveOn.org funds IAVA:

CALLER: The next day and checked them out online and come to find out that they’re actually funded by MoveOn.org which totally shocked me. I mean my heart literally just dropped. And I immediately came home and I told my boyfriend, “You are not going to believe what I found out today. George Soros has his hands even in the military. In our American military.” And I was very very disturbed by this.

Beck was incensed, claiming that Soros, MoveOn, the SEIU and the communists are organizing “under the guise of labor unions or something as innocuous as sounding as, you know, the Iraqi and Afghanistan Veterans Foundation [sic]. But it is Soros and uh, communist and uh, radical money.” They are “duping people in as much as they can,” Beck said. Media Matters has the segment:

While the caller never said where she got her information regarding IAVA’s funding, the organization told ThinkProgress that it does not receive money from MoveOn. But the irony of Beck’s newfound boogeyman is that in 2007, he praised the organization and its founder Paul Rieckhoff:

BECK: Let me tell you something. If you are a vet and you’re watching this show and you’ve got a problem, you either get it to Paul and his organization or you get it to me. This is absolutely inexcusable. And we will take care of it. Its the right thing to do.

Watch it:

Did Beck not know in 2007 that IAVA was part of this alleged grand plot to bring down the country? Or did the ever opportunistic Beck, once again armed with absolutely zero facts, take the chance to turn a distinguished organization dedicated to America’s veterans into part of his delusional “shadow” conspiracy that Soros and the communists are taking over the country?