Tea Party Nation President Doesn’t Deny He Thinks Restricting Voting To Property Owners Is A ‘Wise Idea’

On Tuesday, ThinkProgress reported that Tea Party Nation president Judson Phillips said on the official Tea Party Nation radio show two weeks ago that he thinks that “it makes a lot of sense” to restrict voting rights only to property owners.

Yesterday, Phillips sent out an e-mail responding to ThinkProgress’ reporting. While insulting progressives who found his idea offensive — saying the “left went nuts,” the left went “spastic” and “into hysteria,” and accusing us of lying about his comments — Phillips reiterated his belief that limiting voting rights to property owners is a “wise idea”:

A couple of weeks ago, on the Tea Party Nation radio show, I was talking with David DeGerolamo of NC Freedom about the Founding Fathers and the original Constitution. During the course of our discussion, I mentioned that the founding fathers limited voting rights to property owners. I commented this was a wise idea.

Apparently, two weeks after the show, some liberal stumbled across it and today, that comment has turned into liberal headlines such as, “Tea Party Nation President says It Makes A Lot of Sense to Restrict Voting to Property Owners” and “Tea Party Leaders Attack Constitution.” Suddenly, this has morphed from a discussion between two tea partiers into articles claiming that I want to change the Constitution to restrict voting to property owners. […]

Watching the left go into hysteria over this has been nothing short of amusing. Of course, when the left goes spastic over something like this, they either get it wrong, or nine times out of ten, they lie about what was said.

ThinkProgress did not lie about what Phillips said (you can listen to the audio of his comments here). Clearly, he is not backing down from his comments, and this e-mail only further reiterates his belief that it is a “wise idea” to limit voting only to property owners.


For more on Phillips’ comments, see Tea Party Nationalism, which first reported about the Tea Party Nation president’s advocacy for limiting voting rights.

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