Arguing Over Racial Segregation Plan, AFP Official Threatens Professor: ‘I’m Going To Knock You For A Loop’

Earlier this month, ThinkProgress and other outlets reported on an Americans for Prosperity-led campaign in Wake County, North Carolina to install a set of right-wing candidates to the local board of education and to eliminate a successful socioeconomic integration plan. The integration plan, which created thriving schools in poor African-American parts of the school district along with achieving diversity in schools located in wealthy white enclaves, was a model for the nation. However, after Americans for Prosperity overwhelmed the school board campaign with cash donations and used its Tea Party affiliates to bombard board hearings, the integration program was canceled. Two weeks ago, Americans for Prosperity North Carolina director Dallas Woodhouse debated this topic with Georgetown professor of journalism Christopher Chambers. At one point during a heated argument, Woodhouse threatened to “knock” Chambers “for a loop.” He then asked the the host, Alyona Minkovski, to “shut his disgusting mouth up please so I can speak”:

WOODHOUSE: Number one, no one is stopping integrated, integration — the schools are integrated. They have been.

CHAMBERS: The schools are integrated because they have to be [crosstalk] because of Jim Crow, because of slavery, and because of the Civil Rights movement that Americans for Prosperity’s parent organization tried to stop in the sixties.

WOODHOUSE: Sir I let you talk, now you have to be quiet and let me finish. This guy is an idiot. [crosstalk] Sir, I am going to knock you for a loop if you’re not going to let me finish.

MINKOVSKI: Let’s not have personal attacks, no violent threats.

CHAMBERS: You knocking people for a loop down in Arizona, sir?

WOODHOUSE: Ma’am, shut his disgusting mouth up please so I can speak.

Watch it:

Chambers alluded to the fact that Americans for Prosperity was founded by David and Charles Koch, whose father Fred Koch created the anti-civil rights organization the John Birch Society, which also organized conservatives in favor of racial segregation. Woodhouse works for the Koch brothers and North Carolina right-wing financier Art Pope. Woodhouse has also been instrumental in orchestrating various Tea Party protests.