Newt Gingrich: Abolish the EPA

Appearing in the key presidential campaign state of Iowa, potential Republican candidate Newt Gingrich called for the abolition of the Environmental Protection Agency. Gingrich, the former House of Representatives speaker who now heads the right-wing front group American Solutions for Winning the Future, was the keynote speaker on biofuel policy at the 5th annual Iowa Renewable Fuels Summit in Des Moines on Tuesday. Claiming to be the friend of American biofuels, Gingrich failed to mention that his organization is funded by top oil and coal interests. Because of its “attempts to regulate greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, and thereby the entire American economy,” Gingrich said on his website, the EPA needs to be abolished. Calling for the EPA to be replaced by an “Environmental Solutions Agency” designed to support polluters, Gingrich argued that standards to keep the air healthy are motivated by disdain for people outside of Washington DC:

They are really in many ways hostile to all new technology, hostile to local communities, hostile to the marketplace.

Listen here:

Gingrich’s previous “solutions,” of course, include the “Drill Here Drill Now” plan to recklessly expand of offshore drilling. “God has blessed you with extraordinarily fertile soil, with exactly the right levels of rain and temperature,” Gingrich also told the audience, while promoting policies to destroy that climate.