Frank Gaffney: Muslim Brotherhood Is Waging ‘An Influence Operation Against The Conservative Movement’

Yesterday, ThinkProgress reported on leading neoconservative Frank Gaffney and his claim that the Muslim Brotherhood has already “infiltrated” the United States government. Appearing on Fox News last night, Gaffney took his Muslim Brotherhood fearmongering even further.

During Hannity last night on Fox, Gaffney reiterated his extraordinary claim that the federal government was already being manipulated by the Muslim Brotherhood, who he alleged was giving surreptitious advice to the Obama administration. The problem went even further, according to Gaffney. The Muslim Brotherhood was currently waging “an influence operation against the conservative movement” as well.

Assuming the role of a modern-day Paul Revere, Gaffney yesterday tried to “warn” a group of “senior conservative leaders” about the ongoing threat of an Islamist takeover of the conservative movement. Yet according to Gaffney, “They don’t want to hear it either! This is endemic”:

GAFFNEY: What is going on here in part is that the Obama administration’s policies are being viewed through and actually articulated and now implemented through influence operations that the Muslim Brotherhood is running in our own country. It’s really extraordinary. The Justice Department has prosecuted some of these guys and the Obama administration – and for that matter the Bush administration before it – has been reaching out to some of these same organizations. You cannot possibly get your strategy right, you cannot execute it effectively if you don’t know that the enemy is actually giving you advice on how to proceed. I have to tell you, just this afternoon, I had a confidential meeting with some senior conservative leaders to warn them about an influence operation against the conservative movement. They don’t want to hear it either! This is endemic. We will not get this right if we don’t understood the Muslim Brotherhood there and here is the enemy.

Watch it:

When even today’s conservatives find Gaffney’s claims laughable, it does not bode well for his one-man campaign against Muslim Brotherhood infiltration in the United States.