Proposed GOP Spending Plan Terminates Important Investments In Infrastructure, Education, Job Creation

The Obama administration officially releases its fiscal year 2012 budget today, but the fate of government funding for the remainder of the 2011 fiscal year (which ends in October) is still up in the air. The House Appropriations committee last week released its initial plan to finish the fiscal year, which involved about $30 billion in cuts.

However, more conservative Republicans revolted, and House Appropriations Committee Chairman Hal Rogers (R-KY) was forced to go back to the drawing board for more cuts. His new product would cut about $60 billion relative to the 2010 baseline (under which the government is currently operating), or about $100 billion compared to President Obama’s fiscal 2011 budget request (which was never enacted).

The GOP’s proposal includes a slew of cuts to important programs, agencies, and investments, and would be detrimental to job creation, education, and scientific research. But they also specifically zero out many programs, cutting their funding entirely, including:

High speed rail investments ($5 billion)

— COPS Hiring (supporting local law enforcement) ($298 million)

High School Graduation Initiative ($50 million)

Weatherization assistance program ($210 million)

National Park Service climate change monitoring and response ($4.5 million)

Corporation for Public Broadcasting ($86 million)

Green Jobs Innovation Fund ($40 million)

These are just a few choice selections. A more complete list of program terminations can be found below. And of course, the Republicans propose deep reductions to other programs that promote health, education, job training, and innovation, even while leaving them some sliver of funding.

The Republican proposal highlights, once again, how pound-foolish the GOP approach to budgeting is. As CAP economist Adam Hersh wrote, “If there is one point on which all economists can agree, it is that investment — in infrastructure, in research and innovation, and worker productivity — is the foundation for economic growth. Rep. Rogers’ plan robs the U.S. economy of all three.” And Republicans are promising even deeper spending cuts, with Rogers saying “this CR legislation will be the first of many Appropriations bills this year that will significantly reduce federal spending.”

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Office of Tribal Relations -$1M
Office of Advocacy and Outreach -$1.7M
Hazardous Materials Management -$.5.1M
Conservation Loans, Direct Subsidy -$1M
Conservation Loans, Guaranteed Subsidy -$.3M
Indian Highly Fractionated Land Loan Program -$.8M
Watershed and Flood Prevention Operations -$30M
Watershed Rehabilitation Program -$40.1M
Resource Conservation and Development Program -$50.7M
Multi-family Rural Housing, Revitalization Program -$25M
Multi-family Rural Housing, Revitalization Program
Preservation Loans -$1.8M
Rural Water Direct Loan -$77M
High Energy Cost Grant Program -$17.5M
Broadband Direct Loans -$28.9M
TEFAP Infrastructure Grants -$6M
Cops Hiring -$298M
NTIA Public Telecom Facilities Construction -$20M
NIST Construction Grants -$20M
DOJ Weed and Seed Fund -$20M
Emergency Steel Loan Guarantees -$48M
Weatherization Assistance Program -$210M
State Energy Program -$50M
Northern Border Regional Commission -$1.5M
Southeast Crescent Regional Commission -$.25M
Partnership Fund for Program Integrity Innovation -$37.5M
Election Assistance Grants -$75M
White House Unanticipated Needs -$1M
ONDCP Youth Media Campaign -$45M
ONDCP Counterdrug Technology Assessment Center -$5M
ONDCP Performance Measures -$.25M
Federal Payments to DC:
Forensics Lab -$15M
Chief Financial Officer -$1.85M
Reconnecting Disconnected Youth -$4M
BLM Ecosystem Assessments -$4.5 M
BLM Seed Preservation (climate change funding) -$3 M
BLM, Challenge Cost Share -$9.5 M
FWS, Challenge Cost Share -6.5M
FWS Partners: private lands (climate change funding) -$6 M
FWS National Wildlife Refuge System (climate change funding) -$12M
FWS National Fish Habitat Action Plan (climate change funding) -$2 M
NPS Climate Change Monitoring System $3 M
NPS Climate Change response office -$1.5 M
FWS Cooperative Endangered Species Conservation Fund -$83 M
FWS North American Wetlands Conservation Fund -$48 M
FWS State and Tribal Wildlife Grants -$90 M
NPS Park Partnership grants -$15 M
NPS Preserve America grants -$4.6 M
NPS Save America’s Treasures grants -$25 M
NPS Statutory or Contractual Aid -$5.85 M
NPS LWCF State Assistance -$40M
USGS Climate effects network/science application -$10.5 M
USGS Biological carbon sequestration -$5 M
USGS Climate change science coordination with FWS -$5 M
USGS Biol. research and monitoring (climate change funding) -$1 M
EPA local climate change grants -$10 M
EPA targeted air-shed grants -$20 M
EPA cap and trade technical assistance – $5 M
FS, State and Private Forestry (Forest Legacy) -$70 M
Smithsonian Legacy Fund -$30 M
Eisenhower Memorial Commission -$19 M
Corporation for National and Community Service – $1B
Corporation for Public Broadcasting -$86M
Youthbuild -$102.5M
Green Jobs Innovation Fund -$40M
Career Pathways Innovation Fund -$125M
Re-intergration of Ex-offenders -$108.5M
Workforce Data Quality Initiative -$12.5M
State Health Access Grant Program -$75M
Family Planning -$317.5M
Patient Navigator -$5M
Congenital Disabilities -$.5M
National All-Schedules Prescription Monitoring -$2M
St. Elizabeth’s Testing/Remediation -$1M
Eliminate no-year flu funding -$276M
Medical Countermeasures Dispensing -$10M
Even Start -$66.5M
Striving Readers -$250M
Literacy through School Libraries -$19M
High School Graduation Initiative -$50M
Mathematics and Science Partnerships -$180.5M
Educational Technology State Grants -$100M
Foreign Language Assistance -$27M
Education for Native Hawaiians -$34M
Alaska Native Education Equity -$33.3M
National Writing Project -$25.7M
Teaching of Traditional American History -$119M
School Leadership -$29M
Advanced Credentialing -$10.7M
Teach for America -$18M
Fund for the Improvement of Education (FIE) -$261M
Excellence in Economic Education -$1.5M
Mental Health Integration -$6M
Arts in Education -$40M
Exchanges with Historic Whaling Partners -$8.8M
Reading is Fundamental -$24.8M
Women’s Educational Equity -$2.4M
Ready-to-Learn Television -$27.3M
Close Up Fellowships -$2M
Alcohol Abuse Reduction -$32.7M
Elementary and Secondary School Counseling -$55M
Carol M. White Physical Education Program -$79M
Civic Education -$35M
Special Olympics Education Programs -$8.1M
Projects with industry -$19.2M
Supported employment State grants -$28.2M
Tech-Prep Education State Grants -$103M
State Grants for Incarcerated Youth Offenders -$17.2M
Smaller Learning Communities -$88M
LEAP program -$64M
Fund for the Improvement of Postsec. Ed. (FIPSE) -$159.4M
Legal Assistance Loan Repayment Program -$5M
Tribally Controlled Postsec Vocational and Tech. Institutions -$8.2M
Byrd Honors Scholarships -$42M
Teacher Quality Partnerships -$43M
Programs for BA Degrees in STEM and Critical Foreign Languages -$1.1M
Programs for MA Degrees in STEM and Critical Foreign Languages -$1.1M
Demonstration in Disabilities / Higher Education -$6.8M
Underground Railroad Program -$2M
Thurgood Marshall Legal Opportunity Scholarships -$3M
Regional Educational Laboratories -$70.7M
Statewide Data Systems -$58.3M
Economic Development Fund for Community Services Block Grant – $36 M
Mentoring Children of Prisoners – $49 M
Teen Pregnancy Prevention Community Grants – $110 M
Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants – $757.5 M
Contribution to the Clean Technology Fund -$300M
Contribution to the Strategic Climate Fund -$75M
Asian Development Fund -$105M
United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) -$55M
Compex Crisis Fund -$50M
U.S. Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation -$5.75M
Buying Power Maintenance Account -$8.5M
Global Crop Diversity Trust -$10M
International Fund for Ireland -$17M
FRA High Speed Rail -$5B
National Infrastructure Investments -$600M
FHWA Surface Transportation Priorities -$293M
FTA Energy Efficiency Grants -$75M
FRA Railroad Safety Technology Program – $50M
FRA Rail Line Relocation Program -$34.5M
MARAD Assistance to Small Shipyards -$15M
FTA WMATA Grants -$150M
HUD Native Hawaiian Housing Grants -$13M
HUD Housing Counseling Assistance -$87.5M
HUD Energy Innovation Fund -$50M
HUD Brownfields -$17.5M