Kristol Wants ‘More Than A No-Fly Zone’ In Libya, Says U.S. Should Attack Qaddafi’s War Ships And Tanks

While the U.S. and NATO allies work with the international community to get consensus on and authorization for a no-fly zone in Libya to prevent Muammar Qaddafi’s forces from killing his own people from the air, the right-wing war hawks have predictably criticized President Obama’s measured approach. Newt Gingrich said last week that if he was president, he would’ve already bombed Libya, with or without UN or NATO support. Tim Pawlenty moved in Gingrich’s direction a couple days later, dismissing the need for an international coalition on Libya. And today on Fox News Sunday, war hawk leader Bill Kristol said he wants more than just a no-fly zone. Kristol thinks the U.S. should battle with Qaddafi’s forces:

KRISTOL: I think at this point you probably have to do more than a no fly zone. You probably have to tell Qaddafi he has to stop his movement east and that we are going to use assets to stop him from slaughtering people as he moves east across the country. We might take out his ships in the Mediterranean. We might take out tanks and artillery.

Watch it: