On Oil Spill Anniversary, Darrell Issa Blames Obama For ‘Crushing’ The Gulf With ‘Assault On Off-Shore Drilling’

House oversight committee chair Darrell Issa (R-CA) is marking the one-year anniversary of the death of the 11 Deepwater Horizon workers with attacks on President Obama’s off-shore drilling policy. In a release on the oversight committee website, Issa accused the president of an “assault on off-shore drilling” and a “retreat from efforts to achieve energy independence.” Although the administration has already issued ten new deepwater drilling permits, and Obama began a recent speech on energy policy with a call for increased oil drilling, Issa tweeted that the Gulf Coast is “reeling” because of “Obama’s job-crushing energy policies“:

Under his chairmanship, Issa’s committee has held not a single hearing to investigate one of most devastating corporate crimes in American history, although even he admitted in March that the oil spill commission established by the president found “a degree of negligence by BP, its partners, and regulators that can only be called shameful.”