Trump Says Obama Should ‘Get Off His Basketball Court’

This morning, the White House released Obama’s long form birth certificate. Obama had already released an official version of his birth certificate during the campaign last year. However, because of nasty smears from people like Donald Trump, the White House believed a release of the original copy was necessary to avoid a “distraction” over the birth certificate issue. This morning, a smirking Trump told reporters he was claiming victory over the release. During the question and answer period, he added that Obama should get “off his basketball court” to respond to gas prices. (Obama, of course, has made many steps to reduce gas prices in recent weeks):

TRUMP: If you look at what he’s doing in Libya, which is a total disaster. Nobody even knows what’s going on in Libya. If you look at what’s happening with gasoline prices where he said he has no control over prices, which he does if he gets on the phone or gets off his basketball court or whatever he is doing at the time.

Watch it:

Many have alleged that Trump’s nonstop, unsubstantiated smears about Obama’s birth and legitimacy are coded racial language designed to inspire hatred against Obama’s identity. His recent comments about Obama’s “terrible grades” may be a hint to “resentful whites that this seemingly brilliant black man isn’t so smart after all,” writes Michelle Goldberg. Trump previously commented on the the “frightening” level of support that Obama enjoys from black voters and bragged that “I’ve always had a great relationship with the blacks.”

After Trump’s claims about Obama’s birth certificate were further discredited, he is moving on to even more transparent racist language. Will the media continue to provide a free platform to Trump’s hate-fueled publicity campaign?