VIDEO: Zombies Protest Rep. Dan Webster’s Vote To Kill Medicare, Say ‘Don’t Make Us Work Till We Die’

Conservative members of Congress have been feeling the heat all over the country, as a Main Street Movement of everyday Americans have been protesting their efforts to cut crucial services and public investment, including their vote to effectively end Medicare.

Yesterday, a group of citizens from a local activist group calling itself “Organize Now” protested outside a town hall being held by Rep. Dan Webster (R-FL), who faced a rowdy crowd at a town hall this week. The activists dressed as zombies and demanded that right-wing politicians stop gutting social programs and force them to “work ’till they die”:

A group of “zombies” gathered outside 8th District Republican Congressman Daniel Webster’s office on Thursday. They weren’t looking for “brains” to eat though. The protesters wore heavy make-up to get in character. They’re members of a group called “Organize Now.

Organize Now” member Mike Cantone says, “We’re saying don’t work us ’til we die under the Ryan budget, which Congressman Webster did vote for.

Local news station Fox 35 covered the protest. “And they say activism is dead,” quipped the anchor who covered the story. Watch their report:

Zombies protest congressman’s office: MyFoxORLANDO.com