VIDEO: GOP Hypocrisy — Oil Subsidies Edition

Americans are beginning to take note that all of the conservatives’ solutions for fiscal austerity hue to a similar theme: Cut support for everyday citizens in order to avoid taking anything from the vast stores of wealth built up by the country’s top earners and corporations.

With gas prices once again on the rise, the fact that the major oil companies continue to pocket billions in taxpayer subsidies has become especially galling to many voters. Feeling the heat at town hall meetings across the country, some Republican lawmakers are now expressing support for eliminating Big Oil’s subsidies. Unfortunately for many of them, it’s going to be difficult to square their newfound populist rhetoric with their voting record.

Watch this video compilation of the GOP’s hypocrisy on cutting subsidies to oil companies:

The Democrats, for their part, have decided to bring the issue of Big Oil’s subsidies to the fore of the national debate, and are pushing in both houses of the legislature for votes to end them. The House may once again vote on cutting the subsidies perhaps as early as today.