George Will: Newt Gingrich ‘Is Just Not A Serious Candidate’ For President

Today on ABC’s This Week, host Christiane Amanpour wondered whether Newt Gingrich will run in to some difficulties running for president considering he has been married three times. Noting that Gingrich recently converted to Catholicism, NPR’s Cokie Roberts said that “there are an awful lot of divorced Catholics who are very pained by this situation of their own divorce and feeling like they can’t be Catholic,” adding, “and to have this sudden new Catholic with three wives is not going to play well with them.” Conservative columnist George Will, however, said that Gingrich’s problems extend far beyond social issues:

WILL: He’s been out of elective office for 12 years. … Newt Gingrich’s problems are so far beyond just his multiple marriages and all that. His ethanol love affair right now. ON the 7th of March he said, “Let’s go Qaddafi.” On the 23rd of he says, “I never favored intervention.” He did it on television. … He’s one of these people who says that to understand Barack Obama you need to understand his “Kenyan anti-colonial mentality.” This is just not a serious candidate.

Watch it: