Gingrich’s Charity Funneled $200K Back To His For-Profit Company

ABC News reports that Newt Gingrich’s Renewing American Leadership organization, a non-profit dedicated to Christian faith issues, has provided contracts worth $220,000 to Gingrich Communications, a for-profit consulting firm owned by Gingrich. Another one of Gingrich’s non-profits, American Solutions for Winning the Future, which supports oil drilling, shares resources with the oil lobby, although it does not disclose in-kind payments from the industry. Moreover, Gingrich regularly meets with members of Congress under the auspices of his for-profit health care company, yet does not register as a lobbyist. “It is often difficult to tell where the work of one Gingrich entity ends and where the work of another begins,” notes the report, by Matthew Mosk, Brian Ross and Angela Hill.