Laura Ingraham: ‘Idiotic’ For Tim Pawlenty To Endorse Lady Gaga’s ‘Cultural Decay’

Last week, GOP presidential hopeful Tim Pawlenty revealed that he’s a big fan of pop star Lady Gaga and her pro-gay anthem “Born this Way,” even though he admitted yesterday that he isn’t sure if gay people are indeed “born that way” of if homosexuality is a sin. Either way, conservative radio show host Laura Ingraham will have none of it, saying on her radio show this morning that it was “idiotic” for Pawlenty to say he likes Gaga, whom Ingraham accused of propagating “cultural decay” and loose sexual morals. ThinkProgress culture blogger Alyssa Rosenberg has more, noting that Ingraham is off base, as “Gaga’s music is full of a deep skepticism about sex.”