Iowa Senior Citizens Fight Back At Perry Campaign Stop: ‘You Gonna Kill Social Security?’

ThinkProgress filed this report from Iowa City, Iowa.

As Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) barnstormed through Iowa in his first trip as a presidential candidate yesterday, he ran into pushback from senior citizens who feared what a Perry presidency could mean for Social Security.

In his book Fed Up, Perry minces no words about his view that Social Security is an unconstitutionalPonzi scheme.” Now, as Perry runs for president on a 10th Amendment platform that would include ending Social Security and declaring almost everything unconstitutional, many voters are understandably worried that the program they’ve been paying into their entire lives could be on the chopping block.

A number of voters gathered yesterday in Iowa City, Iowa to voice their concerns. As Perry’s bus rolled into town, senior citizens and others confronted the Texas governor about his views on Social Security and his support for corporate tax giveaways. With chants of “Hey hey, whadya say, stop the corporate giveaway” in the background, one elderly gentleman admonished Perry for his views on Social Security and the Constitution. “You gonna kill Social Security?” protested Dick Greenwood. “Where’d you read your constitution?” Watch it: