Mitt Romney Attacks Obama For Going To Martha’s Vineyard — On The Same Day He Will Be There

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney repeatedly has attacked President Obama’s upcoming trip to Martha’s Vineyard, saying Obama should “devote some time” to jobs, “not just going to vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard.” “A lot of Democrats in Martha’s Vineyard, I don’t know know why,” Romney quipped Monday in New Hampshire. (Not everyone can be so lucky as Romney to have a $10 million lake house in the early primary state of New Hampshire.) Watch it:

Romney’s Vineyard jab is ironic considering that he is scheduled to be on the chic Massachusetts island the very same day as Obama. The Boston Herald reported in late July that Romney planned to hold a $2,500-per-person fundraiser on Aug. 27, just across the island from where the Obamas are staying. “They could have a ‘This island isn’t big enough for the two of us’ moment,” a Boston University politics professor joked to the paper. Romney’s event appears to be a part of tour of his former state’s tonier summer communities, as it follows a fundraiser in Osterville, on Cape Cod, hosted by one of the Koch brothers, and another event on Nantucket.

Romney held fundraisers on both Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket during his 2008 campaign as well.