Corporate Cronyism: Perry Rewarded Hundreds Of Top Contributors With Government Jobs, Contracts

A comprehensive New York Times investigation of Rick Perry’s (R-TX) tenure as governor has revealed that for over a decade, he shamelessly used government jobs, contracts, grants, and tax breaks as rewards for his top campaign contributors. Perry, who has “raised more money than any politician in Texas history,” used his position as a “potent fundraising tool” to give government money and jobs to hundreds of donors and their businesses. Perry received at least $17 million from more than 900 appointees or their spouses, roughly one dollar out of every five he raised as governor. Lax campaign finance laws allowed the new GOP presidential contender to get away with entrenching this “pay to play” culture in Texas. The Times finds that “because he has been in office more than a decade, he has had greater opportunity than any of his predecessors to stock the government with loyalists — he has appointed roughly 4,000 people to state posts — while enacting policies that have benefited allies and contributors.”