Iowans Show Up At Rep. King’s District Office To Protest Vote To End Medicare

After a mix-up over the date of a Rep. Steve King (R-IA) town hall, a dozen protesters showed up at his Sioux City district office to voice their message anyway. ThinkProgress spoke with one of the Iowans, Ken Mertes, who said he was there to speak out against King’s vote to end Medicare. “The Ryan budget picks on older Americans and poor people,” Mertes argued.

Attendees also complained that there is no picture of President Obama hanging in the district office, despite it being federal space. ThinkProgress asked a staff member inside about the matter and they claimed to have never received a picture of Obama (though they had received presidential pictures in each of former President Bush’s terms).


ThinkProgress originally wrote that the town hall was cancelled, when in fact it appears to have been a mix-up over dates. King’s website lists the August 30 Sioux City town hall on its website without noting the year. We have corrected the error.

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