Donald Trump: Dick Cheney’s Book Is ‘Very Very Angry And Nasty’

The reviews are in for former Vice President Dick Cheney’s tell-all memoir “In My Time.” Bush administration Secretary of States Gen. Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice called it respectively a series of “cheap shots” that were an “attack on my integrity.” Now, media attention mogul Donald Trump is offering this take: Dick Cheney is “very, very angry and nasty.” “I’m sure it will be a best seller,” Trump says, “but isn’t it a shame. Here’s a a guy who did a rotten job as a vice president, nobody liked him, tremendous divisiveness.” It is, incidentally, somewhat humorous to note that Trump — a purveyor of nasty attack campaigns against the president — listed the fact that Cheney “said bad things about the president” and “essentially called him a liar” as one of his chief complaints. In any event, Trump declared he “will not be reading the book.” Watch it: