Romney supporter: ‘You created more jobs with your house’ than Obama has

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney opened his Florida headquarters in Tampa this morning. After the event, one Romney supporter referenced the former Massachusetts governor’s project to quadruple the total size of his California mansion. “I wanna tell you this,” the supporter quipped. “You created more jobs with your house than Barack Obama has in the last three and a half years. … I support you all the way.” Watch it:

While total employment under Obama has fallen and total employment on Romney’s mansions has presumably risen, the private sector has still created more than 1 million jobs since the 2009 stimulus was passed (the public sector has hemorrhaged jobs, in what Matt Yglesias has dubbed the “conservative recovery“). But assuming Romney hasn’t offset gains by laying off lots of service staff at the mansion, the joke works. We’d like to hear Romney try it out.