Twitter Berates GOP Rep. For Skipping Obama Jobs Speech To Hold Twitter Town Hall

Despite jobs being their constituents’ number one concern, a few Republican lawmakers served up a smorgasbord of excuses for intentionally skipping President Obama’s jobs address last night — roundtables, football, and of all things, Twitter. Georgia Rep. Paul Broun (R) declared this week that he would not physically enter the House Chamber, but would instead live tweet it from his Capitol office, holding what he dubbed a “Twitter town hall.” But as Politico reports, “most of the hundreds” of Twitter followers who participated in his town hall berated him for skipping the speech. “Show some respect to the office,” one said. “Do this later.” When Broun tweeted during the speech that “this is obviously political grandstand,” followers blasted him for doing just that. “Yes, we know about your tweets…now what about the speech,” one person responded. Several participants “suggested to Broun a special jobs plan of their own: get out of Congress.” “If you resigned from office, that would create at least one opening,” said a follower. “I’m embarrassed by you.”