State Paper Rips Ohio Senate Candidate For Failing To File Disclosure Forms More Than 120 Days Past Due

Last month, ThinkProgress reported that Ohio Treasurer and GOP Senate candidate Josh Mandel went 90 days past the due date for his financial disclosure forms. Now, more than 120 days overdue, “tested and trusted” Mandel is still failing this basic transparency test. And Ohio papers are taking note. This weekend, the Akron Beacon Journal editorial board blasted Mandel for his four-month failure, asking, “What is Mandel thinking?” “The form hardly poses an endurance test,” the board quipped, noting he filed similar forms with the Ohio Joint Legislative Ethics Committee as a state representative. Ohio Democrats have been noting his failure for a while, but the paper notes that “what amounted to the usual short-sheeting and towel-snapping by partisan adversaries cannot be dismissed so easily as the days and weeks mount.” Especially when “he already has a reputation for the political dark arts,” the board said, pointing to his “shameless campaign ad” for treasurer in which he purposefully — and falsely — implied his opponent was Muslim to “play[] on fears.”