Rick Scott Makes Fun Of Obama For Using A Teleprompter While Reading From A Teleprompter

Poking fun at President Obama’s use of a teleprompter to deliver speeches is a frequent refrain from Republican legislators and candidates on the campaign trail. One GOP congressman even proposed cutting funding for it. But surely the best barbs about the president’s supposed inability to speak without the visual aid are delivered from behind the teleprompter itself. That was exactly what Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) did to kick off the Florida straw poll on Saturday. TPM reports that Scott read his remarks from a set of teleprompters at the podium, including this jab (which was underlined in his script to emphasize the joke): “I have to admit, I was a little nervous When I looked out here. I saw all the TV cameras and a teleprompter. I figured President Obama must be here – giving another speech about raising taxes!”