Bad Sign For Ohio’s Guns In Bars Law: Ohio Barber Shot In Butt After Customer Drops Gun

Ohio’s new law allowing concealed guns into bars took effect last week. Bar and restaurant owners naturally view the law as a pain in the butt, and given a recent mishap, they have good reason to. The Columbus Dispatch reports that Ohio barber Kurt Voelkel got a bullet in his butt after his customer’s “9 mm handgun fell from his holster, struck the ground and went off.” The bullet “passed through the chair where Voelkel was sitting and also went through his wallet before coming to rest deep in his buttocks.” He spent more than two hours at the hospital, where doctors opted to leave the bullet where it is. The customer was just “adjusting his clothing and sitting down” when the gun fell; presumably alcohol was not involved. It’s hard to see how adding it into the mix will prevent this or worse situations from occurring.