GOP Congressman Defends ‘In God We Trust’ Vote: Must ‘Remind’ Obama

As Senate Republicans prepare to block a Democratic bill to create jobs because it is paid for with a small tax increase on the top 0.1 percent of earners, their colleagues in the House have devoted time to debating America’s motto — again. As the Washington Post pointed out, the vote Tuesday to reaffirm “in God we trust” is a “remake of a remake” as Congress affirmed the motto in 1956 and again in 2002. “You’ve been debating a commemorative coin for baseball,” President Obama quipped of the vote yesterday. “That’s not putting people back to work.” Nonetheless, Rep. Tom Price (R-GA), the fifth ranking Republican in the House, defended to vote on Fox News today, saying it’s important to “remind” Obama about the country’s motto. Watch it:

It’s unclear why a congressional resolution, and not a note or something was necessary to “remind” Obama.