Wisconsin Recall Walker Website Hit With Cyber Attack

The effort to recall Wisconsin’s unpopular Gov. Scott Walker (R) kicked off last night with activists planning 100 events across the state in pursuit of more than 540,000 signatures required to get the recall on the 2012 ballot. But right out of the gate early this morning, one group leading the recall campaign was hit with a cyber attack. The website of United Wisconsin was “subjected to a distributed denial of service attack.” The Democratic Party of Wisconsin slammed the attack, noting that “the laws of Wisconsin and the United States were clearly broken tonight in a desperate and illegal attempt to stifle the voice of people” and demanded that the “criminals that launched this attack must be apprehended.” They also called on Walker and the state GOP to “immediately condemn” the attack and call on the state Attorney General “to launch a full investigation with the assistance of the FBI” to prove they “are really concerned with protecting the integrity of the recall process.”