Jack Abramoff To Newt Gingrich: You’re Corrupt

Embracing the “it takes one to know one” adage, disgraced former lobbyist and recent jail bird Jack Abramoff slammed GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich for taking a fee of over $1 million from mortgage giant Freddie Mac in exchange for strategic counseling. Noting that Gingrich — who now claims to be a Washington outsider — is one of the many who “use their public service and their access to make money,” Abramoff told NBC host David Gregory that Gingrich is “engaging in the exact kind of corruption that America disdains.” When Gregory noted that that corruption is a “heavy charge,” Abramoff insisted that “it is corruption.” Abramoff added of Gingrich, “I know he says that they paid him as a historian to give them a historic lesson, but I’m unaware of any history professor being paid that sort of money to give someone a history lesson.” Asked to respond, Gingrich’s camp simply quipped, “Isn’t he in jail?” Watch it: