Gingrich: ‘I Think I Will Probably Teach A Course When I’m President’

During a campaign event today, 2012 GOP presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich said that, if he wins the election, he will hold an online course laying out the things that he expects to accomplish during his time in office. In announcing this idea, Gingrich poked fun at recent reports that he has received millions of dollars from, among others, mortgage giant Freddie Mac and the pharmaceutical drug industry:

By the way, I think I will probably teach a course when I’m president. I think I will probably try to do something that outlines for the whole country what we’re going to try to accomplish, and offer it online sort of like the University of Phoenix or Kaplan. So that way if the country wants, they can sign up. It would be free. Although given the news media’s assumptions about me, oh he’ll probably charge $100 a piece so I can get rich. No! It’ll be free. But the idea would be, why wouldn’t you want a president in the age of social media to methodically in an organized way share with you what they’re going to try to accomplish, so that those people who want to understand it can understand it.

Watch it:

Of course, if Gingrich were truly basing his course on the models set by the University of Phoenix and Kaplan, it wouldn’t be free, but would cost participants an arm-and-a-leg while leaving them with a subpar education.