Gingrich Unveils New Child Labor Plan: Make Them Work As ‘Apprenti’ For Trump

GOP frontrunner Newt Gingrich sat down with real estate mogul Donald Trump this morning, becoming the latest in a parade of GOP presidential candidates looking for Trump’s endorsement. “I’m a big fan of him,” Gingrich said after the meeting. He’s also the only candidate so far to agree to participate in an upcoming debate Trump is moderating.

Why anyone would want Trump’s endorsement is a bit of a mystery, as only 6 percent of voters said they would be more likely to support Trump-approved candid, while a full 31 percent said Trump’s endorsement would make them less likely to support a candidate. But Gingrich and Trump had a PR strategy for the confab.

The former House speaker has taken flak in recent days for calling child labor laws “truly stupid” and saying that poor kids should clean the bathrooms in their school to learn legal work habits. “Newt Gingrich has reached a new low, and that is hard for him to do,” New York Times columnist Charles Blow wrote Friday. “You clearly know little,” actress Eva Longoria scolded Gingrich on Twitter.

After the summit today, Gignrich and Trump announced a joint plan to select 10 “apprenti,” as Trump put it (the actual plural of “apprentice” is “apprentices”) from New York City’s schools to work for the reality TV star. “It was Newt’s idea and I thought it was a great idea,” Trump said at a joint press conference. Watch it:

“The obvious branding aside, it’s not immediately clear that the New York City Dept. of Education will be interested,” Politico’s Maggie Haberman wrote. Indeed, the move appears to be little more than PR stunt to paper over Gingrich’s embarrassing comments on child labor laws. No matter how well intentioned, 10 students is less than a drop in the ocean. New York’s school system has about 1.25 million students, 29 percent of whom are impoverished, according to Bloomberg News. Unless Trump is interesting taking on about 360,000 “apprenti” from New York City alone, it looks like poor students will be stuck cleaning the toilets in Newt Gingrich’s America.

In case appearing with one radically alienating media personality isn’t enough, Gingrich will appear on former Fox News host Glenn Beck’s show tomorrow.