Why You Should Support ThinkProgress Today

If you are a regular reader of ThinkProgress you know that we do the work that others can’t or won’t.

— When others in the media were dismissing Occupy Wall Street as a fringe effort with no staying power, we created a dedicated blog to comprehensively cover the 99 Percent Movement.

— Before anyone had heard of Herman Cain, we were on the ground asking him tough questions about whether he’d be comfortable with a Muslim in his cabinet. And we followed it up with a sustained campaign to expose and confront Islamophobia.

— When Mitt Romney unveiled his 59 point economic plan, we just didn’t cover the politics. We crunched the numbers and exposed it as a $6.6 trillion giveaway to the wealthy and corporations.

2012 is a critical year and we need to do more. We need to travel to more places, ask more questions and debunk more lies. But to do this, we need to raise $25,000 in the next 5 days to bolster our efforts next year.

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