Huntsman Adviser Slams Romney As ‘Out Of Touch With Average Working People

NASUHA, New Hampshire — John Weaver, a senior strategist to former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman (R), slammed Mitt Romney for saying that he “liked being able to fire people,” calling Romney “out of touch” and “unelectable” at campaign stop in Nashua, New Hampshire this afternoon. “The bottom line is…here’s a guy who’s out of touch with average working people,” Weaver told ThinkProgress. “His ties to Wall Street, the fact that he’s taken $32 million from Wall Street, the picture with his Bain partners looking like some Richie Rich guy with money falling out of his pockets…and on top of that, he has an inability to connect with average people.” Touching on the anti-Wall Street sentiment in this election cycle, Weaver added, “I just think he’s unelectable against Barack Obama in this environment.”