Gingrich Company Refuses To Release Freddie Mac Contract, Despite Permission

Newt Gingrich has come under fire from fellow Republican presidential candidates for his relationship with troubled mortgage giant Freddie Mac, which paid his company $1.6 million for what former officials described as “build[ing] bridges to congressional Republicans.” Gingrich maintains he was not a lobbyist, and said he would love to release his contract with the company to prove it, but that Freddie Mac wouldn’t allow it. But when Freddie Mac said last week that they “welcome[d]” the contract’s release, Gingrich said he still couldn’t release it, because his former consulting company had to sign off. Now, that company — a division of Gingrich Group — is refusing to release the document. Gingrich technically severed ties with the company to run for president a few months ago, but some may wonder if the candidate influenced their decision.