Mitt Romney: I Have ‘Lived In The Real Streets Of America’

During the CNN debate in South Carolina tonight, Mitt Romney struggled to draw a clear distinction between himself and his chief challenger Newt Gingrich. Chiding Gingrich for spending decades in Washington as a political “insider,” Romney insisted that he’s the “perfect example of why we need to send to Washington someone who has not lived in Washington, but someone who has lived in the real streets of America.” Watch it:

It’s unclear whether those “real streets” are the ones by Romney’s beach house in California, his mansion in New Hampshire, or his multi-million dollar “colonial” in Massachusetts. Of course, Romney has attempted to paint himself as an everyday, middle-class guy before. But as a Wall Street millionaire who keeps money in offshore accounts and is comfortable making $10,000 bets, it seems like most streets Romney spends time on are the ones paved in gold.