Romney Gets Booed For Hedging On His Tax Returns

During tonight’s GOP debate in South Carolina, Republican front-runner Mitt Rommey said he will “probably” release his tax returns for multiple years, but received boos from the audience when he refused to commit to releasing as many years of returns as his father did when he ran for president.

Romney has been cagey on his tax returns, at first refusing to commit to releasing them before finally agreeing this week to release his returns from 2011 in April. But tonight, he said for the first time that he would release returns “probably for other years” as well. When moderator John King asked Romney if he would follow his father’s lead and release 12 years of returns, Romney replied “maybe,” and earned audible condemnation from the crowd. Watch it:

Romney explained that he wouldn’t release his tax returns before he won the nomination “because I want to beat Obama” and he expects Democrats to use his tax returns against him. Newt Gingrich replied by noting that Democrats would likely do that no matter when he released his returns.