After Bankrolling SC Victory, Adelson Family To Give Another $5 Million To Pro-Gingrich SuperPAC

Sheldon Adelson

According to reports, Nevada casino mogul Sheldon Adelson gave a stunning $5 million to Winning Our Future, a pro-Newt Gingrich Super PAC, prior to the South Carolina primary.

A ThinkProgress analysis reveals that the super PAC spent over $6 million on “independent expenditures” in South Carolina attacking Gingrich’s primary foe, Mitt Romney. That exceeded the combined independent expenditures in the Palmetto State primaries by every other Super PAC (about $5.3 million in total).

Now, Nevada reporter Jon Ralston is reporting Adelson’s wife will give Winning Our Future another $5 million check tomorrow. This cash flow seems much needed, as the group has not yet reported any spending in Florida. Other groups have spent about $6.4 million on Florida independent expenditures and this contribution will allow the pro-Gingrich SuperPAC to instantly achieve almost immediate parity. That state’s Republican primary comes next Tuesday.

At this pace, the Adelson family could outspend Gingrich’s competition by themselves.