Jeb Bush Has Doubts Romney Or Gingrich Can Win A Majority Of Hispanic Voters

MIAMI, Florida — At a brief press availability tonight at the Hispanic Leadership Network conference here, former GOP Florida governor Jeb Bush suggested that he doesn’t think either Republican presidential frontrunner can win a majority of Hispanic voters in this year’s general election. Bush, who has worked hard to push the GOP to reach out to Hispanics, including writing an op-ed in the Washington Post yesterday titled, “Four ways Republicans can win Hispanics back,” alternated between English and Spanish this evening while fielding questions about the Republican field.

But asked how Republican frontrunners Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich can win Hispanic voters, given their anti-immigration stances, Bush replied, “I don’t know if they can a win a majority.” Watch it:

Bush also gave Romney a pass on saying that he would veto the DREAM Act, noting that the former Massachusetts governor has moderated his position.