Oregon Special Election Tomorrow: Will Voters Reject Global Warming Denier Rob Cornilles?

Rob Cornillles

Candidate Rob Cornilles (R-OR)

Tomorrow (January 31) is the deadline for residents of Oregon’s first congressional district to vote in a special election for U.S. Representative — and the Republican nominee in that race holds some rather extreme views. The by-mail election is to replace former Rep. David Wu (D) who resigned last year.

In a November primary, Democrats nominated then-State Sen. Suzanne Bonamici. She also received the endorsement and ballot line for the Independent Party of Oregon.

The Republicans selected unsuccessful 2010 nominee Rob Cornilles, a strategic consultant for sports-industry executives. He supports partial privatization of Social Security, would cut Social Security and Medicare to avoid any defense cuts, and has called himself “the original Tea Party candidate.”

In 2010, ThinkProgress Green reported that Cornilles claims, “There is absolutely no science that can be proven… that man, through our activities, can advance climate change.”

Unlike special elections last year in New York’s 26th district, New York’s 9th district, and Nevada’s 2nd district, the big spending conservative Super PACs have generally skipped this race — perhaps a sign that they see Cornilles as too extreme to win the district.

Two minor candidates are also on the ballots, which were mailed to all voters in mid-January and must be returned to local county elections offices by 8 p.m. Pacific time.