Romney: ‘Labor Unions Play An Important Role In Our Society’

Speaking in Michigan today ahead of the state’s primary, Mitt Romney broke with his party’s generally universal opposition to organized labor, saying, “labor unions play an important role in our society.” He noted that they can provide training so their members can learn new skills, “so they’re an important part of America’s economy.” While Romney goes on to say he’s in favor of anti-union right to work legislation and opposes “union bosses,” it’s refreshing to hear a Republican acknowledge that labor unions can serve a legitimate and positive role in the country. Watch it:

Ironically, Romney has been attacking chief rival Rick Santorum for being too “pro-union.” “[W]hen it comes to Big Labor, Santorum has been about as conservative as Barack Obama,” a Romney campaign email declared. There’s almost zero truth to that statement, as Santorum has been strongly anti-labor.

Meanwhile, as governor of Massachusetts, Romney supported the police union, offering more money in exchange for their electoral support. The former president of the State Police Association of Massachusetts even said, Romney “stood by labor” as governor.