Romney’s NASCAR Owner ‘Friends’ Are Campaign Donors Too

Richard Childress & Mitt Romney

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney stopped by Daytona International Speedway Sunday for NASCAR’s season kickoff, the Daytona 500. (The race was postponed until tonight because of rain.) Romney made news when he stumbled into another car-related boast that reminded voters just how wealthy he is. Asked by an AP reporter if he is a NASCAR fan, Romney replied, “Not as closely as some of the most ardent fans. But I have some great friends that are NASCAR team owners.”

Two of the team owners Romney name-checked appear to be more than just friends, however. Both Richard Childress, owner of Richard Childress Racing, and John Morris, owner of perennial NASCAR sponsor Bass Pro Shops, have each given $2,500 to Romney’s campaign, the maximum contribution allowed during the primary. Childress’ wife, Judy Childress, is listed as a co-owner of her husband’s company and has also contributed $2,500 to Romney.

Two others NASCAR honchos who weren’t among the “friends” Romney mentioned have also donated to his campaign. Roger Penske, owner of Penske Racing, and NASCAR CEO Brian France both maxed out to Romney’s primary campaign.