Morning Briefing: March 5, 2012

Attorney General Eric Holder will “provide the most detailed account to date of the Obama administration’s legal rationale for killing U.S. citizens abroad,” as it did with the killing of Anwar al-Awlaki in Yemen last year. The major speech at Northwestern University’s law school today is latest effort by the administration to show it is serious about upholding civil liberties.

Republican candidates and independent groups supporting them have spent nearly $10 million ahead of tomorrow’s Super Tuesday primariesmore than half by the pro-Mitt Romney Restore Our Future super PAC. Eleven states will vote tomorrow in the GOP primary, with much of the focus on general election battleground Ohio.

As Republican appointees continue to obstruct all meaningful oversight and enforcement, the Federal Election Commission’s bad rap is getting even worse. As Politico reports, the agency has always been viewed as weak, but with the rise of super PACs, the FEC appears embarrassingly toothless.

President Obama will deliver the commencement address at Barnard College, the women’s college affiliated with Columbia University in New York City in May. The move is seen as part of the administration’s efforts to reach out to women, and “is an extraordinary honor for Barnard,” according to President Debora Spar.

Seven companies have now stopped advertising with Rush Limbaugh in the wake his sexist attacks on Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke, including two have with withdrawn even after he apologized this weekend.

Occupy Wall Street protesters interrupted an Oklahoma rally for Rick Santorum this weekend, chanting, “Get your hate out of our state.” The presidential candidate was calm, but suggested the Occupiers should get jobs, “maybe working a little bit instead of coming to these events and screaming at people.”

Vladimir Putin won back the Russian presidency in a vote marred by widespread irregularities and fraud. Putin won 64 percent of the vote, despite massive protests against his reign in Moscow over the past few months, and suggested in a victory speech that opposition to him was part of an American plot.

Almost two years after the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, BP and other companies are intensifying their deepwater drilling there. Drilling is about to be expanded in Mexican and Cuban waters — outside of U.S. control — as well as in American waters.

And finally: If there’s one thing he’s likely learned a lot about, it’s winning — a relevant skill for any election. Charlie Sheen’s former intern has joined the Obama reelection campaign as a deputy digital director in Wisconsin. He tweeted at the troubled actor, “t’was an honor to serve! Taking an ample supply of #tigerblood o #WINsconsin for @BarackObama.”