Tea Party Congressman Suggests Obama Wants To ‘Make America Fail,’ Destroy Capitalism

Rep. Bobby Schilling (R-IL) was one of those Representatives elected during the Tea Party wave of 2010. But a profile in this weekend’s New York Times shows that faltering Tea Party support poses a big challenge to his re-election. The profile casts Schilling as one of those elected officials who “have worked to be more bipartisan” in a district “where there are more registered Democrats than Republicans.” Not quite.

While arguing his merits with voters, the Times captured Schilling agreeing that the President may intentionally be trying “to make America fail”:

But Mr. Schilling and other Republicans, perhaps believing that their message will be embraced by swing voters worried about the budget deficit, still dish out plenty of tough talk against Democratic lawmakers and President Obama.

“They are very anti-capitalist,” Mr. Schilling told a dozen female Republican volunteers, who call themselves the Old Glories because all are over 70, during a recess trip home. Responding to one woman who asked whether he thought Mr. Obama had campaigned in 2008 with a strategy “to make America fail,” Mr. Schilling said of the slow economic recovery, “A lot of people think this is being done on purpose.”

Schilling, who turned down his government-provided health care when he joined the House, has not made any big splashes in Congress. He did call for Attorney General Eric Holder’s resignation, though, and has made a point of taking on the Obama administration, recently saying, “Our country is being disgraced, and we’re not going to stand by and let it happen.”