Top Romney Surrogate Trump: Campaign Should ‘Go After Obama’ On Rev. Wright

Last week, Mitt Romney distanced his campaign from third-party efforts to use Rev. Jeremiah Wright against President Obama. But this morning his campaign’s top surrogate advised the Massachusetts governor to dredge up the old racially-tained narrative. “[I]f I were Mitt and Mitt is a very honorable guy, he stopped the Reverend Wright ads and he was, you know, sort of opposed to them,ā€ Donald Trump said during an appearance on Fox & Friends. ā€Iā€™d let him go at it,” he added, “if it’s going to be game on, let it be game on. Go after Obama”:

The reality star is building his political stature as a top surrogate for Romney and is “gaining juice and respectability in national politics.” Trump has recorded robo-calls ahead of key primary battles, participated in “a ton of talk radio for Romney in Michigan, Arizona and Ohio,” received personal “thank you” shout outs from Ann Romney during campaign victory speeches, and even hosted a birthday fundraiser for the couple.